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ssl-contact.de: Our terms of use

Stand: 20.07.2018

Operator of the platform / provider

The company Vitas GmbH (hereinafter referred to as VITAS) is the operator of the platform ssl-contact.de and provider of the services offered here

§1 Services of VITAS

(1) VITAS provides the self-programmed and individually configurable contact form on ssl-contact.de, which the user may include on his own website.
(2) VITAS operates the website and provides the technical form of the contact form.
(3) VTIAS strives to maintain the service and to further develop it as needed.
(3) VITAS does not provide free implementation support the contact form on the website of the users. Upon request, VITAS can offer services for implementing the contact form.

§2 Prices

(1) For the use of the contact form the user incurs no costs.
(2) Costs can only arise to the user, if he does not wish the text advertisement. For this purpose, a one-time fee is charged by VITAS. Details can be found on ssl-contact.de/preise.
(3) The removal of the text advertising has no influence on the presentation "powerd by ssl-contact.de", which is always included.
( 4) By deleting a paid and therefore advertising-free contact form, the user is entitled to no refund. "

§3 User Conditions

(1) The user makes no changes to the HTML code sent to him to integrate the contact form on his website.
(2) The user is prohibited from to use the code / contact form on more than one domain. For each domain and subdomain, at least one reconfigured contact form must be created. The multiple use of the same contact form within a domain is permitted.
(3) The user is not allowed to include the contact form on websites that publish racist, pornographic and illegal content.
(4) The user gives the HTML code of the Kontatkformular sent to him to third parties. This includes the publication on websites, forums or blogs, as well as analogue media.

§4 Functionality of the contact form

(1) The domain of the contact form (ssl-contact.de) uses an SSL certificate.
(2) The contact form sends only an e-mail to the user. Mail to the user's e-mail address. VITAS or third parties do not receive, process or store a copy of the e-mail messages. The e-mail message is only temporarily stored on the server to ensure the technical processing for sending e-mails.
(3) The contact form can not be changed once it has been configured and an "ssl-contact ID" has been generated become. If changes to the contact form are required in the future, a new one must be generated.
(4) Contact forms can be deleted at any time by the user. For this, the "ssl-contact ID" and the e-mail address of the user must be entered on the page https://ssl-contact.de/delete and confirmed via a deletion link sent by e-mail. By deleting a contact form, its function and the HTML code to be implemented become unusable.
(5) The user accepts that the e-mail for the notification via the contact form may contain advertising of VITAS or its advertising partners. The deletion of the text advertisement in the contact form has no effect on the advertising activity by email message. "

§5 Liability and exclusion

(1) Should VITAS terminate the service of the website ssl-contact.de or sell it to third parties, the user is not entitled to any refunds or claims for damages.
(2) VITAS takes over no guarantees for the reliability and accessibility of the service. The user waives claims for damages caused by damages.
(3) VITAS is not liable for the content of the messages sent via the contact form.