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The secure and free SSL-contact form for your website!

An SSL certificate for a domain often costs between € 35 - € 150 a year. These costs can be saved!

SSL is legally required only for the processing of personal data, but not for the entire homepage. So if you need a legally compliant contact form for your homepage, you've come to the right place. Our contact form is

ok SSL secured

ok DSGVO Compliant


Quickly and easily configure a contact form for your website. Afterwards you will receive a small HTML-Code, which will be integrated on your website. You can also use the code in Wordpress, Joomla, Typo3, Drupal and other CMS (Content Management Systems)!

compatible with

HTML5 Gratis HTML Kontaktformular
Joomla! Gratis HTML Kontaktformular
WordPress HTML Kontaktformular Kostenlos
Typo3 SSL Kontaktformular free
Drupal PHP Kontaktformular dsgvo

Configurate your contact form:

1.) Settings

Please select which form fields should contain the contact form.

Please also indicate which mandatory fields are required.
(Mandatory fields must be filled out for the form to be sent.)

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2.) Design / Layout

Make layout settings to make the contact form look like your website.

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Platzierung einer dezenten Textwerbung (Kann nachträglich entfernt werden.)
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Generate HTML code of your contact form now for free:

3.) Where should the contact form be integrated?

Enter your website where you want to include the contact form
(domain name is sufficient, it does not have to be the full URL)

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4.) Receiver

To which e-mail address should the requests be sent via the form?

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5.) Create contact form

By creating the contact form, you accept our Terms.

You will receive an e-mail with the HTML code, which you can easily integrate on your page, so that the contact form is displayed. You can use the contact form free of charge, but a subtle and serious text advertisement will be displayed above the form.

You can subsequently remove the text advertising for a single 10, - € permanently. If you have already created a form and do not want to advertise, click "Remove Ads".

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Why is it so important to use SSL in the contact form?


The DSGVO has strengthened the processing of personal data (which is also perfectly good and right). Thus, it is important that the transmission of personal data, these are sent securely and this is only via SSL, if you want to be DSVGO compliant. If you use a contact form without SSL on your website, you run the risk of receiving a warning.


Is the contact form of ssl-contact compliant with DSGVO?


Yes, if you use the contact form from us, you fulfill all the data protection requirements according to DSGVO.


Can your own website continue to be used without an SSL certificate?


Yes! If you have a website / BLOG, you do NOT need to protect entire page SSL. It only needs to be secure (via SSL) to handle personal data. But if you only have normal content (texts, images, etc.) on your website, no SSL certificate is necessary.


Why should I use the contact form of ssl-contact instead of protecting the whole page SSL?


Quite simply: for cost reasons! A 'cheap' SLL certificate for a domain costs € 35 / year upwards. In 5 years, that would be at least 175, - €. You can save yourself these costs! Our contact form is FREE; And if you want to disable the discreet text advertising permanently, it costs only 10, - € once.


Why does the contact form of ssl-contact have no privacy checkbox. Is not that obligatory?


A checkbox in the contact form is NOT required. Our service and contact form has been verified by lawyers and is legally secure. What has contributed to the uncertainty among many users is the judgment of OLG Cologne (Az .: 6 U 121/15). But this is the reference to the privacy policy. Of course you should have privacy policy on your website, as well as an imprint.


Where is the personal data stored using the ssl-contact form?


We do NOT store any data of your visitors or users. The data that your users enter via the contact form will be sent directly by e-mail to your registered e-mail address. Thus, only you will receive the contact information from the form.


Can the configured contact form be changed later?


No, an existing / already configured contact form can not be changed afterwards. Should you, for example, If you want an additional form field or want to change the text color, you must configure a new contact form and receive a new HTML code in order to be able to use it afterwards. Even if you already use an advertising-free contact form, no changes can be made to it retroactively.


How often and where should the contact form be integrated and used?


The use of a contact form is only allowed on one domain! Within a domain, you can also use the contact form multiple times. For each additional domain, however, you must generate a new contact form, which you can quickly and easily re-embed via HTML code. A violation of this Terms of Use may result in the deletion or domain binding of the contact form.


Is the contact form tied to my domain?


As a rule, the contact form is not linked to the domain and should the domain name change, you can also use the contact form on the new domain name. That's how you stay flexible. However, we reserve the right to bind a contact form to a domain if we discover the use of a contact form on more than one domain.


How to remove the advertisement from the contact form?


"If you do not want the subtle text advertising, you can permanently remove it for a single 10, - €. Click on this link "Remove Ads" and follow the instructions. Note: Removing the text ad will automatically remove the ad from the contact form. However, the note 'powered by ssl-contact.de' will continue to exist."


Who is the operator of ssl-contact.de?


Operator of this site is Vitas GmbH, based in Bruchsal (Germany). Vitas GmbH is an IT company in the web industry and has been dealing with the topic of data protection on the Internet for years. ssl-contact.de is made in Germany. We develop all our projects in Germany and host on German servers.